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This man is attempting to print out the entire internet

Yeah, good luck with that.

IT SEEMED LIKE a good idea at first.

As with mp3s and vinyl, net-books and typewriters–the internet was getting a bit mainstream, time to print it out.

American poet, Kenneth Goldsmith, put out a call in January to crowd source the minuscule project of printing out the entire internet.

Within 5 months, Goldsmith received over 20,000 submissions via snail mail from people all over the world keen to get in on the movement. Whether they just printed their personal websites or went to town on a larger web space, one thing is for certain–their carbon footprint just shot up enormously.

They’ve even printed out YouPorn, all 6452 pages of it.


The tree graveyard has since been put together in a collaborative art piece that went on display in Mexico gallery LABOR last week. It is estimated that the internet, when printed out in its entirety, would be a book weighing 1.2 billion pounds and standing at 10,000ft tall.

Here's Goldsmith looking like a boss as he literally lies on the internet.


Not only is he hoping to construct the 'book of the internet', Goldsmith is also attempting to 'read' it aloud and has kicked off the marathon project with poet Jessica Diaz reading the very first page.

What. The. Hell?

Tell you one thing, you would'nt wanna be missing the green bin collection.


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