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# box office bomb
Guess how many people paid to see Kevin Costner's new film in the UK last weekend?
Hint: not very many.

THIS IS KEVIN Costner’s latest film Draft Day.

draftdat Lionsgate Lionsgate

It’s about a general manager in the NFL who makes some unconventional choices when selecting players for his team on draft day. It’s directed by Ivan Reitman, who previously helmed Ghostbusters, and stars Jennifer Garner.

After a so-so release in the United States back in April, which saw it take in $29 million at the box office and receive lukwarm to negative reviews, it was released to three cinemas in the United Kingdom last weekend.

How much did it earn?

£146. (The equivalent of €185.)

That works at about £48 per cinema. Given that the average price of a ticket in the UK is reportedly £6.53, let’s just say that in and around 22 people paid to see Draft Day last weekend.


Poor Kevin.

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