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This Dublin photographer takes a photo of his kids every day to celebrate 'little moments'

The little moments matter the most.

DUBLIN-BASED PHOTOGRAPHER THOMAS Laskowski decided to take the mystery  out of taking photographs, and began documenting his kid’s life with the smallest of moments, every single day.

Family_Photography_Dayinlife_10 Source: Day In Life Storytelling Photography

His project, Day in Life, celebrates the mundane moments of his six year old daughter Suzie and three year old son Constantin’s lives.

Family_Photography_Dayinlife_01 Source: Day In Life Storytelling Photography

He writes:

I believe that the most significant days of our lives are disguised in routine and monotony. That there is magic in the mundane and beauty in the chaos if we are just willing to stop and recognize it.

There’s no moment too small to document, even if it’s just brushing teeth before bed

Family_Photography_Dayinlife_03 Source: Day In Life Storytelling Photography

Thomas, a professional family and portrait photographer, told the Huffington Post that the project was initially conceived to show the kids’ grandparents in Poland how their every day lives look.

PastedImage-49720 Source: Day In Life Storytelling Photography

Life is what’s happening here and now. When you take your kids to school and missed the bus, when they leave smudged fingerprints on the window. When they love each other for that split second before they start fighting again, that is what we should remember.

Family_Photography_Dayinlife_05 Source: Dayinlife

He told DailyEdge.ie that the project hopes to bring them closer.

Its really easy to notice the distance when you see Suzie is hugging a laptop while talking to her grandma on Skype and Constantin is kissing a webcam.

The little moments have made for a touching photo set

Family_Photography_Dayinlife_06 Source: Dayinlife

Which he hopes will be the important ones when his kids are older

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He told us that it’s incredibly easy to ignore the mundane mondays and busy evenings.

But how many weddings, Christmas days and family trips do we really have in our lifetime? Life is what’s happening here and now.

574df3181200002e00894ef1 Source: Day In Life Storytelling Photography

Thomas said he’s not too sure his kids know what’s going on with the project and says he hears the occasional “daaaaady, no pictures”.

For example I was trying for a week to take a good photo of Suzie waking up in the morning for school all grumpy and sleepy. She was not happy seeing me with a camera every morning.

PastedImage-52114 Source: Day In Life Storytelling Photography

But how long does he plan on keeping it up?

At this point I’m thinking as long as they let me. I assume that as they grow I’m not going to have such unrestricted access in to their private life anymore, but I’m going to try to document it as long as I can.

574df316130000fb0738329c Source: Day In Life Storytelling Photography

You can see the rest of the photos here.

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