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How to drop and decode present hints this Christmas

You’ve got to talk the talk if you want the right present under the tree this year.

DO YOU FIND it impossible to find the right gift for your loved ones?

Or do you know yourself that you’re an impossibly difficult person to buy for?

Because we can’t write a letter to Santa anymore, we need to start dropping and decoding some hints. We’d all love to get exactly what we want under the tree this year – here’s how to go about it.

How to drop the right hints

  • Let them know when they’ve got it right before

If you’ve gotten a great present from someone, be sure to let them know just how much you love it. Sincere gratitude will ensure you continue getting great presents from them, after all.

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  • Leave some catalogues lying around strategically

This is a sneaky, if effective, method to get your point across. See also: leaving some internet browser tabs open on your desired presents. By “accident” of course.

  • Desperate measures

If you just know that you haven’t got your present hints across, it’s time to go nuclear. Write out your Christmas list and “forget” it on the kitchen table. Job done.

How to pick up what they’re putting down

  • Listen

A lot of people will be starting to drop hints around this time of year, so your best bet in figuring out what they want is keeping your ears open. Is your other half gushing about his friend’s new watch? There’s a big clue for what he might want.

  • Keep an eye on them when you’re out and about

If you’re out shopping with them, keep your eyes peeled to see what they stop at. If you catch them glancing a little too much at the Nespresso machines, it’s a fair bet that they’re eyeing it up.

  • Ask their friends

If you really can’t figure out what they want, there’s no harm in asking for a little help. They might have mentioned to their friends and family what they’re hoping to get this year – making your shopping list a lot easier to write up.

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