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How Kilkenny Are You?

Tear into this quiz to find out how truly Kilkenny you are.

Kilkenny Source: flickr

Kilkenny is officially, undisputedly a...
City, of course
What would you instantly think of when someone says "the butts"
Something to do with cigarettes
A Sir Mix-a-Lot song

Google Street View
A housing estate
Something associated with an attack using one's head
Which of these things do you care about the most?
The weather
The Waterford county border (and encroachment into Kilkenny)

The quality of the Smithwick's
Gaelic Football
Which of these is NOT a Kilkenny drinking spot?

The Pumphouse
Pick your favourite county in the whole of Ireland (apart from Kilkenny of course)...

Choose a modern-day Irish hero...
Michael D
Brian Cody

Mary Robinson
John Mullane
You're looking for a bit of a party. Which midweek night is best to go to Langton's to get it?

And finally, pick yourself a round tower...
Answer all the questions to see your result!
You scored out of !
You are a true Kilkenny cat!
Well done! You're a proper Kilkenny cat. You know your butter slip from your market slip and you're a true Kilkenny person at heart. We congratulate you.
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You scored out of !
You wouldn't know Kilkenny at all!
You're welcome to visit any time - but it's safe to say you don't know your High Street from your John Street and aren't a true Kilkenny cat. You have a long way to go.
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