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15 of the most Kilkenny things that have ever happened

Oh yes.

1. When this poster was spotted in Castlecomer during the Marriage Referendum

Source: Yes Kilkenny

2. When this was advertised in Tynan’s

pubwife Source: Neans McSweeney

3. That time a hen party interrupted an election count

Yes, with a blow up doll.

4. When Waterford were on there way to town for a match

5. When McDonagh needed that extra three cent

6. Lunch time at Dunnes

7. When even the Boss himself couldn’t resist Kilkenny’s charms


8. The time this five euro note was handed into a pub in Kilkenny

Everything you’d ever need for a night in.

9. When this Kilkenny fan watched the All Ireland final against Galway… in Galway

kkfan Source: Facebook

Didn’t hold back on the celebrations anyway.

10. And Ritchie here couldn’t contain his excitement

Source: Louise Dowd/YouTube

The stress!

11. When this guy lost his phone and the hunt began to get it back to him

eugeneoleary Source: Facebook

eugenephone Source: Facebook

eugenephone2 Source: Facebook

Which was a success

Eugene O'Leary - Mobile Uploads | Facebook Source: Facebook/Eugene O'Leary

12. This puntastic sandwich shop that’s been there for years

blaablaablaa Source: Imgur

13. That time the whole hurling team called in on Tommy Walsh’s gaff for the craic

Calling for Tommy

A video posted by Ciara Allen (@ciaranihailin) on

14. These cat lampshades celebrating the team

In the best way possible.

15. And finally… when demand was so high a few years back this place was set up

Bound to happen.

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