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15 reasons why Kilkenny is definitely a f**king city

Town? Get out.

1. No town would have a castle this pristine and majestic ffs

Kilkenny Castle Source: mellow cat

LOOK at it.

2. The Dunnes in the city centre was open 24 hours for years – a true sign of respected city status back in the day

dunnes Source: Google Maps

Would you grant around-the-clock Dunnes access to a small town back then? Like hell you would.

3. Anyone who claims Kilkenny is not a city probably hasn’t seen its two massive cathedrals in all their glory

St Canice's Cathedral Source: Miguel Mendez

4. Because there are round towers this good just popping up in every village

Rainbow at St. Canice's Cathedral Source: Rob Hurson

Yeah, right.

5. Kilkenny is so secure in its city status that it doesn’t try to rob land from other counties to expand

kk1 Source: wikipedia

Unlike some fellow cities in the vicinity *cough*Waterford*cough*

6. And only a city comfortable in its own skin would use Waterford’s main export as the name for a sandwich shop in the city centre

blaablaablaa Source: Imgur


7. The city has a damn WORLD famous beer named after it

Practically guaranteeing you city status.

And that’s not even mentioning Smithwick’s.

8. There’s a reason Kilkenny has a “City” Hall for Christ’s sake

kilkenny-in-bloom-1 Source: Keepkilkennybeautiful

The Tholsel ain’t no town hall. Nope.

9. One of the main nightclubs in the city resides in a building from the f**king 1800s. We have so much history we have no qualms about turning a beautiful relic into a central hub of boozing

Towns would pay good money to have just one of these things knocking around the place.

10. Population just doesn’t matter in this argument – Kilkenny has been a city longer than statistics have been a thing

And none of our petty 21st century quibbling can really take that away.

11. It’s the kind of city that Bruce Springsteen would go bowling in

kbowl Source: KBowl Facebook

The Boss probably wouldn’t be hitting up a town laser quest now.

Kilkenny is the type of city that has everything to make a celeb feel at home.

12. And buildings like this are around every corner

13. Loads of places have annual “town shows”, Kilkenny just goes ahead and has world-renowned festivals instead

Ah yeah.

14. You’ve even got international visitors ranking Kilkenny in amongst its favourite sound cities

kbowl2 Source: TheJournal.ie

Even they know a city when they see one.

15. And finally… let’s not forget that Kilkenny was once the bloody capital of Ireland

You’re fine with this medieval nation’s former capital being a town? Eh, OK.

You’d be wrong, though. But you’re still welcome in Kilkenny City any time.

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