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11 reasons Kilkenny is definitely better than Waterford

No contest.

1. Firstly, and to get the most obvious thing out of the way, Kilkenny absolutely destroys Waterford in hurling all the time

TJ Reid celebrates scoring the opening goal Source: James Crombie/INPHO

Historically speaking, it’s barely a contest.

2. And such dominance allows Kilkenny to take the piss in fine comedic fashion

3. Out of the two, only Kilkenny can boast to be the creators of a couple of world renowned beers

It’s a burden Kilkenny carries well.

4. We have to come to terms with the fact that Kilkenny has never tried to steal land from Waterford

5. Whereas the same can hardly be said for Kilkenny’s southern neighbours

people Source: Kilkenny People

*cough* Ferrybank *cough*

6. Then there’s the awkward fact that “Waterford Golf Club” is in Kilkenny

golfclub Source: Google Maps

7. Look, let’s face it, a festival of the scale of Cat Laughs just couldn’t flourish anywhere but Kilkenny

8. And, as unscientific as it is, Kilkenny is way better craic to go out in too

All anecdotal evidence points to this.

9. There’s no denying that Waterford Castle is pretty nice – and it’s on its own island too

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#waterfordcastle looks very good in the #spotlight

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Fair enough.

But lads, it just doesn’t compare to the majesty of Kilkenny Castle

10. Even blaas – one of the things Waterford is best at – is done pretty damn well in Kilkenny

11. And finally… a quick comparison of the city’s two towers ends all arguments

Eh, Waterford’s:

Waterford-2013-AGM-096 Source: Localhistory

And Kilkenny’s:

No contest.

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