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5 deeply tacky things that happen in Kim Kardashian's new iPhone game

Oh. Dear.

KIM KARDASHIAN IS releasing her own game for iPhone and Android.

It’s called Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and comes out next week. She has posted an Instagram video of the trailer, as a taster.

According to that trailer, there are various objectionable things that happen in it.

1. You get to compliment Kim Kardashian on how rich she is

No, seriously. The trailer shows you arriving at her giant mansion. When she asks what you think of it, you reply “Beautiful – and big!”

2. You flirt with men, who then literally explode with money

That’s what flirting is for!

3. You struggle to make the A-list, under Kim Kardashian’s tutelage

And she directs you as you pose for pictures. “Profile shot!”

4. People literally throw money at you for looking pretty

And Kim Kardashian says “I’m so excited” in a deeply unexcited way.

Not morally objectionable, this, but aesthetically.

Here’s a YouTube version of the trailer:

Source: beharos profil/YouTube

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