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11 things that made you the King of the housing estate

Instant legend.

1. Having Spokeys on your bike wheels meant you were automatically a legend around the estate

90s_8 Source: Mtv

2. An actual Bauer brand pair of rollerblades were the stuff of estate royalty

d7f848e34e24f8e7aa1db793485d73f0 Source: Pinterest

3. While others just fired around balloons and bottles in water fights – a proper water gun was a cut above

nasa-super-soaker Source: Stuff

4. You owned a half decent soccer ball

99888788_03_9789 Source: Googleusercontent

You were the games dictator. Nobody would annoy you for fear of you storming off home with the ball.

5. You were allowed stay out as late as you like

street Source: Geograph

Only true royalty had no curfew. How were you supposed to be the coolest when your mam forced you to be in by 9pm sharp?

6. Having the courage to nick-nack *that* scary house

nick Source: Tumblr

There was always one gaff in the estate that was off limits to pranks. If someone stepped up and nick-nacked it, they may as well wear a crown for the rest of their

7. Being able to climb the highest wall in the estate

wallip Source: geograph.ie

So you could just sit up there and assert your place as the King of the estate.

8. Chancing your arm on the neighbour’s trampoline

summer-fun-with-garden-trampoline-what-says-stiftung-warentest-about-1-922 Source: Avso


9. Actually following through on your idea to camp on the Green

485543167_229 Source: Aliimg

“Yeah, let’s set up our tents on the green tonight…”

*two hours later*

“OK, let’s go home.”

Anyone who followed through and stayed the night deserved a medal.

10. Being the best in the estate at Kerbs gave you an aura of invincibility

kerbsgo Source: Twitter

11. Walking back into the estate after getting served in the off license like

6359712899913205301102692900_tumblr_nbec9o4tyc1qlvwnco1_500 Source: Msecnd

A legend in your own right.

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