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24 things you'll only know if you went to NUI Maynooth

My clubhouse or yours?

LET’S FACE IT, you’ve basically got a whole village as your campus, so you’ve already trumped most.

TrinityUCCUCD DCU and NUIG have all had their turn, Maynooth, you’re up.

1. You’ll never find your friends in JH-1 if you show up late

Also, entering through the back to secure a top seat is vital.


2. Only two people can fit in the SU Londis at a time

Don’t even entertain the thoughts of a browse.

londismaynooth nuimaccess nuimaccess

3. To avoid missing two lectures looking for parking, go into Aldi and leave a bag on your car seat to avoid a ticket

Imgflip Google Maps Google Maps

4. You can never get computers in Callan to check Facebook, but you can always sneak down the back of a CS lab in the Science building

computerlab Nuim Nuim

5. If you live in Rye Hall, anything goes

It’s not as nice as the Village or River, but closer to everything by a couple of steps. You could basically throw assignment from your window into the Hamilton and it’s kippy enough to not mind destroying it in sesh.


6. The space between the canteen and main sports hall is ideal for cramming before an exam

1779808_666980900028780_394860133_n MSU MSU

7. You know every alcohol deal in Dunnes as Tesco and Supervalu are just too far away


8. Christmas Day in the SU crushes even the most hardened of souls

1497558_619528604751010_43882839_n MSU MSU

9. The person who asks if the notes will be on Moodle is a class hero

What they’re really asking, is if you can put the pen down and tune out.

The NUIM universal symbol of sleep:

moodle-logo Matbury Matbury

10. Nobody from Maynooth actually went to the Gathering

thegathering_poster Thegatheringfestival Thegatheringfestival

11. There’s ALWAYS a queue for the O’Brien’s in John Hume

Making you late, every time.

queueobriens nuimaccess nuimaccess

12. Skipped lectures must be compensated with a game of pool in the SU bar

Or the fabled Snooker Hall, if you were lucky enough to have access.

nuimsnooker Maynooth Snooker Maynooth Snooker

13. The €2.50 Fosters from the SU needs a dash of lime to make it bearable

You were also appalled and outraged when the price went up to €3.

405317_343046445725218_1183950920_n Your Clubhouse Maynooth Your Clubhouse Maynooth

14. South Campus looks like a completely different University to the North

It’s especially gorgeous under snow, and you’ve imagined being in Harry Potter at least once.

Just don’t THINK about walking in a straight line towards the clock in St Joseph’s Square, unless you want to fail everything.

St Joes Sq with snow---NUI Maynooth Nuim Nuim

15. The words BAR X send an excited shiver down your body


16. Hours and good intentions go to the Phoenix Costa to die

574822_287246994693038_1126323051_n Phoenix Dining Phoenix Dining

17. But the hot chocolate from the crappy machine outside the quiet room in the Arts block is the BEST


18. The 66 timetable is just a myth

You spend more time outside Londis waiting for it than you spend in lectures.


19. Thursdays are all about the Roost and your only option is Bradys on a Wednesday

But you’ve never seen the downstairs of either venue.

4937004_f520 Hubpages Hubpages

20. Main Street Supermacs is the natural conclusion to any night out and turns into a club in itself after dark

maynooth Supermacs Supermacs

21. There’s always one lad rumoured to be studying to become a priest

nuimpriest Nuim Nuim

22. The old library looked like a prison and it felt like one to enter

nuimlibrary Nuim Nuim

23. Maths lectures on the rock-hard Callan Hall benches are literally a pain in the arse

NUIMSEATS nuim Peretz Partensky nuim Peretz Partensky

24. The horrors of crossing the footbridge with five minutes to spare will never be forgotten. RIP

247873_10150190615682916_2228153_n Maynooth SU Maynooth SU

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