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13 Halloween costumes for exceptionally lazy people
Hey, we never said ‘good’.

IT’S HALLOWEEN ON Friday and you have plans but no costume.

Relax. We’ve got you covered. You won’t even have to spend a lot.

1. A ghost

Get a sheet, cut some holes, you know the drill. You might even have some fabric leftover for your dog.

9-insanely-lazy-last-minute-halloween-costume-ideas-using-only-what-youve-got.w654 Wonderhowto Wonderhowto

2. Black eyed pea

Where is the love?

The-Black-Eyed-Peas Thatonemom Thatonemom

3. God’s gift to women

gods-gift-to-women Funlol Funlol

4. Tom Cruise in Risky Business

Grab a shirt and go.

ml_moonparty_tomcruise2 Moonshineink Moonshineink

5. Law suit

Staple some legal documents.

Lawsuituse Candid Costume Candid Costume

6. Goldfinger

They’ll all see what you did there.

gold_finger.jpg PA PA

7. Ceiling fan


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Atomiclearning Atomiclearning

8. Facebook

Take some inspiration from Jim.

jimfacebook NBC NBC

9. Spice Rack

pun-costume-spice-rack Shop adorn Shop adorn

10. Regina George

Just cut some holes in your top, done.

4f1fe7aee87f2462ef31de3e35aabdb6 Pinterest Pinterest

11. A Freudian slip

Self explanatory.

freudian_slips.jpg Student Beans Student Beans

12. Error 404


dpaf Pleated-jeans Pleated-jeans

13. Nudist on strike

You craic hoover.

nudist-on-strike-580x348 Onwardstate Onwardstate