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14 essential products for terminally lazy people

So… tired…

1. These special glasses for watching TV while literally horizontal

Source: ThinkGeek

2. This extendo-arm so you don’t have to bend over for the bog roll

Source: Firststreetonline

3. This laptop stand for watching movies and browsing Facebook in bed

Source: Damngeeky

4. This motorised ice-cream twirler so you don’t have to turn your 99

Just stick your tongue out and let the motor take the strain.

Source: Vnvclan

5. This robot beer fridge that also opens and pours your beer

Source: Japantrendshop

Source: terrorific/YouTube

6. This iPhone arm to avoid the effort of holding your phone off the ground

Source: Amazon

7. This foot pedal to auto-lift the toilet seat for you

Never bend down again, EVER.

Source: Amazon

8. This device that genuinely lets you remote-control your dog

Source: YouTube

It’s a tag that attaches to their collar, and emits different sounds and vibrations when you control it with an iPhone app. Just let them out the front door and walk them in circles from the sofa.

Source: YouTube

9. This combined TV remote and beer opener

Source: Amazon

10. This ‘Baby Mop’ that cleans your floors when your baby crawls around

Is it about time SOMEONE started pulling their weight around here? Problem solved.

Source: betterthanpants

11. This motorised spaghetti twirler

Enough said.

Source: Shopatron

12. This robot bed that literally makes itself

Source: OHEAsmartbed/YouTube

13. This trouser accessory so you don’t have to get your phone out of your pocket

AND you can use it surreptitiously in restaurants

Source: Imgur

14. And this office tie that inflates into a pillow, for snoozing on the job

Source: Odditymall

Source: YouTube

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