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The new Leap Card ad made an absolute hames of the map of Ireland

Limerick is now in Galway, apparently.

A FEW WEEKS ago, Leap Card launched a new television ad.

Towards the end of the ad, a map of Ireland pops up on screen, showing all the cities one can use their Leap Card in.

And it’s a little iffy with the geography.

leapcard Leap Card / YouTube Leap Card / YouTube / YouTube

Er, sorry now?

As you can see, Limerick is now in Galway, Galway is now in Mayo and Waterford and Wexford are one and the same.

Outrageous. We will not stand for this.

Braveheart Animated GIF Giphy Giphy

For comparison’s sake, here is an actual map of Ireland.


Close, but no cigar, lads.

(h/t Reddit Ireland)

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