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10 of the biggest crimes Leap Year commits against Irish culture

Make it stop.

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LAST NIGHT, RTÉ decided to insult the entire population by broadcasting the movie, Leap Year.

Twitter was abuzz with dismayed Irish citizens. We still haven’t forgiven Amy Adams.

Incase you haven’t seen it, the movie tells the story of a woman who comes to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend on leap day as it’s ‘Irish tradition’ to accept. Of course, on her journey she meets a handsome rural stranger…

But the plot is only one crime. Here are the rest.

1. Depicting Irish roads like this

Source: MOVIECLIPS/YouTube

2. The awful accents giving us all a bad name

3. The shameful smearing of the Claddagh ring

4. The rage it manifests in every Irish soul

5. The vocabulary we don’t use, ever

6. The frankly unrealistic scenarios

7. A Dublin bus stop in Tipperary

8. They walk from Dingle to Tipperary in an hour but Dublin to Dingle takes 3 days

9. Amy Adams leaves a pub in Dingle and is instantly on the Aran Islands

10. This painful abuse of hang sandwich

443d9f2e4475f81197eadb8d75a729a5 Source: Pinterest

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