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10 Leaving Cert panics every Irish person will remember

It’s the night before, you remember it well.

THE LEAVING CERT starts tomorrow and around the country everyone is getting their game faces on.

We’ve all been there and we recognise the unique stresses of the night before. Check them off:

1. Packing 12 pens because you’re convinced they will all run out

4_Bic_Cristal_pens_and_caps Source: Wikimedia

Also, including your “best” pen because it’s never let you down in past.

2. Highlighting everything in sight when cramming

UXOMO Source: Imgur

What harm some more study, even if it is outside the exam hall? You have a highlighter, and you’re not afraid to use it.

3. Trying to be nice when someone wishes you well… again

It’s nice but it also makes you slightly uncomfortable – making the panic just that little bit worse.

4. Setting a million alarms for the next morning

anigif_optimized-28703-1425327642-19 Source: Buzzfed

You’re convinced you’re going to wake up and it’s 4pm and everything is lost.

5. Having the absolute fear about poets

How many will there be? How many has everyone else studied? English is first up, so naturally poets are the only thing on your mind. It’s classic pre-Leaving Cert stuff.

6. Scanning your timetable and focussing on the worst days

timetable-2-449x500 Source: examinations.ie

“LOOK at what I have from Monday to Thursday next week.”

7. Having severe doubts about your subject choices

selena-gif Source: Gurl

The night before:

“I wish I picked Home Economics back in the day. Look at the timetable I would have got.”

8. Getting ridiculously distracted by the most trivial things

Yes, you’re aware you need to study because the exams are coming up, but everything except books now the priority.

9. Leaving the house about an hour earlier than usual

Animated Gif by Peggy Warren Source: PhotoBucket

“What if there is TRAFFIC?”

10. And finally, asking everyone outside the exam how their study has gone

tumblr_md7ln39u9v1r1gkfd Source: Tumblr

Even though you really, really don’t want to know. The curiosity gets the better of you.

Still, even with all the stress, the exams are the final hurdle. It will all be over soon and everything will be grand.

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