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left shark

The 18 best internet reactions to Katy Perry's confused shark dancer

Left Shark forever.

KATY PERRY’S SUPER Bowl halftime show had many celebrities and many props. But there was only one star.

Imgur Imgur

Of course we mean Left Shark.

He won the hearts of viewers everywhere. Including famous ones.

Moments after broadcast, Left Shark was everywhere.

iamhermoine iamhermoine

admiral-floof admiral-floof

whales-and-beavera whales-and-beavera

People immediately began feeling for Left Shark. Relating to him in their everyday lives.

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There was a whole lot of empathy

In fact, some of the comparisons got VERY specific.

bge bge

And personal.

Thomas Nassiff Thomas Nassiff

He inspired people to change their relationships

To reshape their lives

Just to get through the day.

Really, Left Shark is whatever you want him to be.

And soon, Left Shark received the internet’s ultimate badge of honour: conspiracy theories

the6thsiren the6thsiren

But we all know that Left Shark is a true hero of our time.

Left Shark forever.

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