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# jumped the shark
Welp, someone got a 'left shark' tattoo
It was bound to happen.

WELL, IT WAS bound to happen.

When Katy Perry performed at the Super Bowl, this awkward dancing shark captured the imagination of people all over the world.

Look at him! He hasn’t a clue!

The dancing shark was soon christened “Left Shark” and quickly became the butt of several jokes and memes.

And now a person has decided to honour ”Left Shark” by getting him tattooed on his body.

Q6gS8mZ Reddit Reddit

Reddit user hollygoheavy shared the image on the site this morning with the caption “LEFT SHARK FOREVER” and said the tattoo belonged to a friend of a friend. We’re sure he/she won’t live to regret their decision.

After all, it ought to be as timeless as this.

frost-bitn-315x500 Eye Candy Tattoo Studio Eye Candy Tattoo Studio

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