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8 reasons why Lenny Abrahamson HAS to win the Oscar for Ireland

We’re all behind ya.

OUR VERY OWN Lenny Abrahamson is nominated for the Best Director Oscar tonight, and the clock is ticking.

He has to win.

1. He’s the underdog

Nobody even expected him to be nominated, nevermind win. That’s why if he wins it will be all the more BRILLIANT.

CYr9O6YWAAA9WTX Aisling O'Brien Aisling O'Brien

2. He comes from Dublin and studied Theoretical Physics in Trinity

Trinners for winners, it’s written in the stars.

1427801236_Alumni 2 resized Tcd Tcd

3. He gave us Adam and Paul

Aka the favourite movie of your secondary school crush.

adam-and-paul Elementpictures Elementpictures

4. He’s nominated for his film based on an amazing Irish book

Written by an Irish born author, Emma Donoghue. We’re just about to burst into patriotic mini tricolour confetti over here.

tumblr_nw99vqtknB1rln36wo1_1280 Element Pictures Element Pictures

5. Without him, Frank may not exist


filmtone / YouTube

I love you alll.

6. It’s about time we had an Irish Best Director

Poor Jim Sheridan couldn’t bag one of his six nominations :(

Sheridan2 Dingle Film Festival Dingle Film Festival

7. Basically, Lenny has to win

Imagine the scenes on Camden street.It’ll be like Italia 90 all over again.

8. If nothing else, to keep up his Twitter brilliance

Hey, if it’s good enough for the fonze, it’s good enough for us.

fonzie348612896128961-1 Photobucket Photobucket

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