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Leo Varadkar was snapped wearing a vest to a cabinet meeting and of course there were jokes

See his vest, see his vest…


BREXIT NEGOTIATIONS raged on today but as of this evening, no deal has been reached on what will become of the Irish border.

Believe it or not, there has been some brevity in the midst of all this chaos. Taoiseach Leo Varadkar was snapped on his way to an emergency cabinet meeting this morning looking very… casual:

Source: Laura Hutton

Imagine being in the middle of your squats or your run or worse, a class, and getting a call to say “Here, we need you to come and negotiate Brexit. Try not to look too sweaty.” Nightmare.

When a journalist attempted to ask him about his sartorial choices at a press conference this evening, a laughing Leo said:

I think we’ll stick to the serious questions for today, if that’s OK.

With no information forthcoming from the man himself, the public has been left to speculate.

There were some Brexit-themed jokes, yes


And some references to his style icon, Justin Trudeau

There were even some theories about whether it helped our cause

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“Is that Leo? Is he wearing a vest? Damn guys, we’re screwed.”

But people have also been admiring his ‘Just running to the shops’ chic

It’s always when you don’t expect to see anyone you know, isn’t it Leo?

And remembering some other Vests Of Yore

The Taoiseach has joined the pantheon of vest-wearers, including Dublin GAA player Diarmuid Connolly and fellow politician Mick Wallace, who famously sported one in the Dáil back in June.

Could he have been directly inspired by Mick? Maybe. We’ll never know.

Some speculated that maybe it wasn’t the gym he was at

He was in fact extracted from a party in an abandoned house on Gardiner Street about 20 minutes before that picture was taken.

Others wondered how this would be interpreted in the foreign press

Source: Twitter

The vest. It’s a sign.

A few are sad that it hasn’t become his official uniform

He showed up at the press conference wearing a boring old suit. How pedestrian.

Whatever the case may be, he is now indirectly affecting the shopping choices of other men

Leo Varadkar, influencer. #ad #spon

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