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# Academy Awards
Kevin Hart steps down as Oscars host after criticism for past homophobic tweets
When given the ultimatum between apologising for the tweets or withdrawing as Oscars host, the comedian chose the latter.
# gender reformation act
Here's why people are talking about the Gender Recognition Act, and how important it is to trans people
What it is and why it matters.
'Growing up, my gay pals and I were groped, harassed, screamed at and bothered at every second turn'
Karen Cogan has written a play about a fictional young lesbian in Cork for this year’s Dublin Fringe Festival.
# LGBT Rights
Homosexuality can still mean the death penalty in many countries
A look at LGBT rights across the world.
'The sex ed that we have at the minute is clearly not working'
LGBTQ+ groups have called on Varadkar to commit to funding the Sex Education Bill before Pride.
# Human Rights
Lydia Foy: The woman at the heart of securing transgender rights in Ireland
Flac (Free Legal Advice Centres) has produced a comprehensive history of Foy’s right for justice in a report.
# my trans life
Viewers admired the courage of the two transgender men who appeared on The Late Late Show
Luke and Nicky featured in the new two-part documentary My Trans Life.
Maria Walsh: 'It might be a questioning glance or a curt refusal to shake my hand'
On International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, we must stand in solidarity, writes Maria Walsh.
# lgbtq rights
'A deceptive practice': Bill to ban LGBTQ conversion therapies passes second stage of Seanad
The Prohibition of Conversion Therapies Bill 2018 has passed through its second stage in the Seanad and has further stages to go through.
# Jay Z
Jay-Z spoke to David Letterman about how he cried when his mother came out as gay
“For her to sit in front of me and tell me “I think I love someone”, I really cried.”
Finally! Call Me By Your Name is an Oscar-nominated movie that normalises LGBTQ love
Spoilers inside.
# diversity
'Diversity equals innovation': Why these Irish workplaces are blazing a trail for inclusiveness
We spoke to industry professionals leading the way on diversity and inclusion in Irish workplaces.
# Job application
Man who listed 'standing up against homosexuality' as achievement loses discrimination case
Mark Savage claimed he was told to remove the line from his CV.
What Australia can learn from Ireland's successful marriage equality campaign
The campaign needs to be a positive one which addresses people’s concerns, Mark Govern writes.
# Equality
Varadkar says transgender people will never be banned from serving in Irish Defence Forces
Donald Trump this week said that transgender people would not be able to serve in the US military.
# Workplace Relations
Dublin bakery's refusal to make anti-gay marriage cake 'was not discrimination'
# 2004
LGBTQ fans and celebrities are sharing their excitement about The L Word's upcoming reboot
Tegan and Sara said that their prayers were answered.
# Safety
Backpacks banned from Dublin Pride events for security reasons
Organisers of the LGBT festival said they are working with gardaí to ensure “the safety and enjoyment of all attending”.
# Outrage
Gay army veterans denied right to march in Boston's St Patrick's Day parade
“This is a black eye on South Boston,” said Air Corps veteran Bryan Bishop
# transgender bathrooms
Caitlyn Jenner's message to Donald Trump over LGBTQ rights: 'Call me'
Jenner says moves by the White House have been ‘a disaster’.
# trans rights
Study calls for transgender identification to be taken out of mental illness classification
The study is the first of several field trials and is currently being replicated in Brazil, France, India, Lebanon and South Africa.
# Interview
‘I’m still Ivan but I’m wearing high-heels.' - Meet Ivan Fahy, an androgynous model from Galway
The Irish model who’s breaking assumptions about gender.
# Peter Thiel
"I am proud to be gay": PayPal founder tells fellow Republicans to let people use whatever bathroom they want
Peter Thiel says cultural issues are distracting America from its “real problems”.
# love is love
As Dublin Pride kicks off, we look back at some LGBT landmark moments in Ireland
Tonie Walsh, curator of the Irish Queer Archive, reflects on some of the defining moments of the LGBT movement.
# Explainer
What does it mean to be gender fluid? In short, you shouldn't presume to know
It’s about owning your own identity.
The story of us: "I have never felt luckier or like I was on a bigger adventure"
Long-term couples talk about their lives together – and their hopes for the future – ahead of Friday’s vote on same-sex marriage.
Opinion: Marriage equality isn't a foregone conclusion – there's no room for complacency
Opinion polls may show increasing support for marriage equality, but I still regularly observe open, brutal and honest homophobia.
Opinion: When is the right time to tell a child that you're gay?
Should adults be open with children, as much as is age appropriate, or should they try to avoid questions about sexuality?
Opinion: Having an openly gay Rose of Tralee sends a powerful message to middle Ireland
Maria Walsh is a beautiful, smart, confident and normal young woman. She may change the hearts and minds of those who are wary of gay people.
Opinion: Gay people have been given a chilling message about discussing their lives on air
The BAI has ruled that discussions by gay people about their status and aspirations as Irish citizens must be directly challenged on the same programme at the same time.
Opinion: I’m not a freak. I’m just an ordinary, decent transvestite.
Paranoia prevents me from sticking my head above the parapet – but my silence is not an excuse to dehumanise me.
# collector's item
Finland is getting official gay erotica postage stamps
The stamps will showcase the work of artist and illustrator Tom of Finland.
# over to you
In Your Words: Being a gay teenager in Ireland
Homophobia can be expressed overtly – but it can also be casual, insidious and suffocating. Here, six teenagers tell their stories.
Column: The struggle for human rights in Russia won’t end with the Winter Olympics
The abuse of minorities and their defenders in Russia affects gay people but also Roma, immigrant workers and other ethnic communities. Let’s not forget about them, writes Stefania Kulaeva.
Column: I am gay. I have always been gay. I’ve never not been gay.
I’m happy with who I am and I love this country – but I am not happy with how I get treated for how I live my life, writes Christopher Chong.
Open Letter to RTE: Explain why you censored gay rights advocate Rory O'Neill
The term ‘homophobia’ refers to an irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against gay people… So why it is not permissible to state that a group that actively campaigns against same-sex marriage is homophobic?
# hollaback
“Keep walking, I’m gonna rape you” – Irish street harassment stories shared on Hollaback
Since its launch earlier this month, women have shared experiences of being jeered at, physically picked up by strangers and threatened with rape.
# Scouts
US Boy Scouts maintain ban on gay members and leaders
The Boy Scouts of America have cited the support of the ‘vast majority of parents of the youth we serve’.
Access to gay youth service increased over 250 per cent in three years
BeLongTo said that the age profile of those seeking its services has also dropped.
# dublin pride
Dublin Pride: Massive parade and party to get underway in the city
More that 26,000 people are expected to flood the streets of Dublin for the annual event and party.