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8 things that happen when Ireland meets Asia

From Walkmans to selfies to tamagotchis, we have a lot to thank Asia for.

ASIA HAS GIVEN the world incredible things.

Asian inventors dreamt up many crucial, ingenious things that we all use everyday. Did you know the toothbrush had its origin in Asia? Not to mention the clock, mathematics, toilet paper and ice cream.

But that genius takes on a whole new life of its own when Ireland comes into the picture. Here are the Asian cultural powerhouses that Irish people have made their own.

1. Primary school kids taking over dojos

Whether it was karate or taekwondo, chances are you were packed off to your local parish hall, reimagined as a dojo, wearing your pyjamas and carrying a mop stick to do battle with. The Irish take on the historical, beautiful martial arts is… quite something.

2. Absolutely ruining Gangnam Style

Trust us to take a massive global phenomenon all the way from Korea and wind up dancing to it after too many sherries with your uncle at a family wedding.

Source: Colleen Sparks/YouTube

3. Mismanaging our Tamagotchis

Based off our carry-on with our Tamagotchis, it’s a wonder any of us were allowed to bring a dog home from the pound – let alone procreate. Don’t even get us start on Furbies.

Source: cheezburger

4. Mastering incredible consoles

Nintendo. PlayStation. The Sega Megadrive. Any classic console – and game, for that matter -you care to mention has its origins in the technological powerhouse that is Japan. We can also thank them for all the times you made a fool of yourself on the dance machines in your local arcade.

Source: Geek.com

5. Misunderstanding Pokémon

Pokémon – the cards, the TV show and the Gameboy games – took over every primary school all over Ireland in the 90s. However, no one ever really got to grips with the rudiments of the card game. Irish people just swapped them instead. They weren’t football cards, guys. Jeez.

Source: Imgur

6. Bangers at Halloween

Although fireworks are definitely contraband in Ireland, they always find a way into Irish Halloween festivities. The earliest documentation of fireworks dates back to 7th century China, where they were invented. Think of that and say a little thanks next time you let off a Roman Candle on your local green, eh?

Source: Imgur

7. Boring tales from former gap year travellers

Is there anything worse than being subjected to the Facebook photos of your friends, ill-advisedly covered in neon paint and clutching buckets, at a Full Moon Party in Thailand? Well, yes, actually. Those “same same but different” tee-shirts they insist on wearing when they get back.

Full Moon party @ Koh Phangan Source: Flickr

8. Cooking up the cuisine

Sushi has taken the country by storm lately, with many people not only eating it out but learning how to make it at home. Stir frys have even been adopted by our mammies at this stage, although don’t ask her to tackle chopsticks.

Not to mention some more Irish-influenced Asian cuisine often eaten at 2am – that’s right, the three-in-one. That one’s all ours. Sorry.

Source: Imgur

Yep, us Irish really manage to put our “mark” on all the brilliant stuff from Asia… But anyway, if you want to make a bit of more authentic Asian culture your own, look no further than Lidl’s limited edition Vitasia range. From this Monday the 9th of June, the tastes of Asia will be that bit easier to recreate at home – noodles, sauces, ready meals and lots more. Find out more at lidl.ie.

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