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getting down on friday

7 lies everyone tells themselves when staying in on a Friday night

You’re doing the RIGHT THING.

STAYING IN ON a Friday night is hard to do. But getting up at seven am then heading out for the night of booze and hashtag banter, can you even cope?

Stay in. Lie to yourself.

1. I can justify this takeaway as I worked hard all week


2. I’ll have one glass of wine

Slowly turns into two bottles but you’re SAVING MONEY aren’t you?

funny-wine-glass-huge Wanna-joke Wanna-joke

3. Staying in is grand sure I’ll have loads of energy in the morning

Yeah, when you get up at 12pm.


4. I’m totally not jealous of everyone having the craic on Facebook

THEY’RE the losers, when you really really think about it. Like really hard.

112165 Funsubstance Funsubstance

5. I’m gonna pamper myself a bit

Maybe take a bath, do a facemask, remove unwanted hair… nah * plops self on couch*

2DcakI0 Imgur Imgur

6. I might start Orange is the New Black

Fast forward to 5am when you’re three seasons in.

post-28945-Home-Alone-gif-Im-eating-junk-98ch Elitedaily Elitedaily

7. I’m totally glad I didn’t go out

You KNOW it’s a good decision, deep deep down. Deep deep deep down.

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