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15 problems you'll only understand if you're a total lightweight

Embrace your lightweightness.

1. The concept of “pre-drinking” is alien to you

You mean we’re going to drink more later?

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2. You have been known to get so sloshed at pre-drinks that you’ve just had to call it a night

Alright, I’m off, lads.

3. Stories of other people’s nights out fill you with fear

“You had *three* drinks on a school night? I’d be in bed for the day.”

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4. Because you’ve been known to get a belter of a hangover after two glasses of wine

5. As a result, there’s no such thing as a “cheeky night out” on a Wednesday

No “going out for one and ending up in Zaytoon at 3am” for you!

6. Rounds are a living nightmare

You can’t keep up with everyone else, but you also don’t want to seem stingy by not partaking.


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7. Whenever you do take part in rounds, it doesn’t end well

Everyone else after three drinks: *talking normally, if a little loudly*

You after three drinks: *unable to stop hiccuping and conscious that your face is very flushed*

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8. You have definitely uttered the phrase, “I’m sorry for ruining your night” at some point in your life

Your mates have seen a lot.

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9. And you’ve sent your fair share of embarrassing drunk texts


Except maybe you weren’t still a teen…

it’s 8 o’clock sort it out

11. Every so often, you trick yourself into thinking that you’ve somehow developed a stronger tolerance for alcohol…

“Yeah g’wan, I’ll have a shot.”

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12. And the next day you say something to the effect of…



13. You’re reluctant to call yourself a lightweight

Instead you’ll use the following excuses to explain your drunkenness:

  • “I didn’t have dinner.”
  • “The alcohol just hit me when I went out in the fresh air.”
  • “I actually think I had a bad pint or something.”

All the while, your friends are like, “Nah, you’re just a lightweight, hun.”

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14. But it’s time to say it loud and say it proud…

giphy (6) Source: yugottabesonice/Tumblr


No shame in it.


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