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Lillie's: Our 'chavs and scangers' sign is not a mission statement

The Dublin nightclub has the sign hanging above its bar.

A SIGN IN the Dublin nightclub Lillie’s Bordello has received some attention recently for its use of the terms ”chavs” and “scangers.”

It begins with the phrase “Lillie’s loves lovely people” – but it’s the last sentence that has made it stand out to some:

lillies Source: RoeMcDermott

The sentence at the end of the sign reads: “But we do discriminate against chavs, scangers, and people who are down right abusive.”

DailyEdge.ie contacted Lillie’s Bordello and their spokesperson Evelyn Hewitt said of the sign:

It’s a tongue in cheek comment. We thought it was humourous. People who come here enjoy good service it’s a two-way thing.

The sign has attracted comment in the past, with this Yelp review from December of last year referencing the use of “scanger”


It’s also gained attention on Twitter

With some not finding its message the most palatable

Lillie’s were eager to convey that the sign is tongue in cheek, saying:

It’s not a carved in stone ethos. It wouldn’t be a mission statement.

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