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Mona Edwards/AP A courtroom sketch depicts Lindsay Lohan being shown CCTV footage of her alleged necklace theft.
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Lindsay Lohan given 120 days' jail for violating probation
The troubled actress is given her fourth stint behind bars, after stealing a necklace while in probation for drink-driving.

FORMER TEEN STAR Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to 120 days’ imprisonment for breaking the terms of her probation for a 2007 drink-driving conviction.

The troubled actress, 24, was found to have stolen a $2,500 necklace from a jewellery store in January – an act which violated her probation, which required her to keep the peace.

The theft was reduced to a misdemeanour, down from an initial charge of grand theft, but the refusal of the judge to throw out the charge meant that the jail sentence for the 2007 drink-driving conviction had to be served.

“I see intent here,” MTV quoted Judge Stephanie Sautner as saying. “I see a level of brazenness, with ‘let me see what I can get away with’.”

Lohan was also ordered to serve more than 400 hours of community service, including 300 hours at a women’s centre and 100 hours at a morgue.

“Perhaps then she might see how truly needy women who have fallen on truly hard times have to live,” Sautner said, according to ABC News.

The court was also told that Lohan only returned the necklace after police went to her house with a warrant to recover the item. The theft took place just a few weeks after Lohan ended a stint in rehab – where she was accused of assaulting a staff member.

The actress walked free from the jail, however, after posting bail of $75,000 and indicating her intention to appeal the sentence. She had previously declined a plea deal, as such a deal would have copperfastened the prospect of jail time.

Should her appeal fail, her jail stint will be her fourth. A trial for the jewellery theft is set for later in the summer.