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15 lipstick struggles anyone who loves her Ruby Woo will relate to

Lipstick stains EVERYWHERE.

1. You can’t eat anything without leaving a giant lip imprint on it

Burritos, apples and burgers are especially hard to eat.

CqkAS_kWIAAhyHZ Source: ellie/Twitter

2. Your coffee lids are always a holy show once you take the first sip

*reapplies lipstick*

ChHxm8YW0AAQuc4 Source: April Scott/Twitter

3. Sometimes you end up eating extremely awkwardly in a bid to ~preserve~ the lipstick

ChGYBbDUUAAOt3N Source: MajoMCR/Twitter

4. You know the heartbreak of accidentally breaking your lipstick

When you don’t swivel the lipstick back down and accidentally crush it with the lid. Devastating.

CkMYf6xUgAA-FxI Source: Becky Wallace/Twitter

5. And you’ve watched tutorials like this more times than you care to count

lip Source: YouTube

6. You’ve fallen prey to the ol’ lipstick on the teeth dilemma before

And cursed everyone who didn’t tell you about it.

CpdFsoIXYAA8Fcp Source: EmmaFB/Twitter

7. Ditto with getting lipstick on your chin after eating

Why did none of you people have the decency to tell me?!?!

8. You know there’s nothing worse than putting on a lovely lipstick… and leaving it at home

:( :( :(

9. Sometimes lipstick turns you into a cold-hearted wagon

“No kisses, please.”

lip Source: clargorreon/Twitter

10. Because you know what happens after kissing…

11. Your handbag is filled with tissue paper like this

In fact, you don’t even want to think about how much toilet paper you waste on blotting.

Cl6OcEnUkAAAzez Source: Vanessa Montes/Twitter

12. Seriously, you waste so much toilet paper this way!!!

13. When you forget to take off your lipstick before going to sleep and wake up looking like a clown

Donald_McDonald Source: mugen/Wikipedia

14. The agony of putting your lipstick on BEFORE brushing your teeth

*bangs head against wall*

15. But despite everything, you still can’t resist a new lipstick

“Maybe that’s enough lipsticks” = not in your vocabulary

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