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The little girl in the Cornflakes ad now has a little girl of her own

She also may have been a student at UCC for a while.

ONE OF THE classic Christmas ads is the Kellogg’s Cornflakes one with the little girl and the Santa plan that seems VERY UNORTHODOX.


We already discovered that the little girl in the beloved ad was played by twins Holly and Alex Stapley. Holly got married last year (and now has a little girl of her own), making the entire population feel OLD.

1207267 Holly Stapley Holly Stapley

She didn’t do much acting, but dabbles, like this ad for Meditation Rings.

Her sister Alex gave acting a go, and made a stealthy appearance in Mean Girls. You might recognise her as Taylor Wedell, who Regina George spots with Gretchen’s boyfriend Jason… so tells her mum she’s pregnant.

Taylor Mean Girls Wikia Mean Girls Wikia

tumblr_lg24vneSEx1qc382yo1_500 Tumblr Tumblr

But a new allegation has risen, as one does every Christmas. Was one of the twins a student in University College Cork?

According to the Irish Examiner back in 2013, rumour had it one of the twins studied in an exchange programme in UCC back in the 2010/11 academic year.

1207271 Holly, her husband, and her family. Alex is to the right. Holly Stapley Holly Stapley

The claim was seemingly backed up by the UCC Express features writer Cait Moloney, who said she shared a house with one of them. She declined to be named though.

And the Kellogg’s Cornflake ad with those American children who know how to apply the word “unorthodox” in a sentence. Except, turns out, those Kellogg’s children have grown up and one of them actually lives with me. Every morning when I roll ungracefully out of bed and stagger blindly towards the perpetually empty food press, I am in the presence of celebrity.

Her only complaint was that the ad was shown as early as October.

Now the two live as Alex Jackson, who is a bilingual customer service rep with Nissan, and Holly Mahmoudzadeh, a nurse in Toronto.

But to us, they’re still just ho ho ho girl.

Mikosyko / YouTube

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