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8 little things you'll probably never be sure about


1. You’ll never quite master what all of the symbols on your washing machine mean

Some of them might as well be hieroglyphics.

*throws everything in on 40 degree wash and hopes for the best*

CbY5gJ5UYAAlKc3 Source: EvoHans/Twitter

2. No matter how long you live in your gaff, you’ll never be fully sure which light switch goes to which light or room

JaWd3gd Source: Imgur

3. You’ll never be certain of the difference between tea, dinner and supper

“Tea comes before supper. No wait, maybe I have that wrong.”

4. Or the difference between fahrenheit and celsius

You will never not be confused when someone on a TV show claims that 30 degrees is cold.

nw Source: Google

5. You might technically be a grown adult, but you still haven’t a bull’s notion what all these symbols mean

So many triangles and ‘x’ symbols! What could they possibly mean?

laundry-tags Source: Household Management 101

6. What is and isn’t microwave safe

Your attitude to using the microwave: wing it and keep your fingers crossed.

7. What letter comes next in the alphabet

You may be able to drink, drive, play the Lotto, get married and have a child, but you still have to recite the entire alphabet to figure out what letter comes next.

17701 ABEAlphabetBkinR ill1 Source: Old Children's Books

8. What line comes next in Mass

You’ll never get to grips with “And with your spirit.” Never.

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