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23 glorious items from local newspapers
Community reporting at its finest.

AS EVERY RIGHT-thinking person knows, local newspapers are the best newspapers.

The reasons are as follows:

1. Their coverage of the issues that matter


2. Their unflinching eye on everyday life

3. Their ear-to-the-ground reporting

4. Their unwavering dedication to safety


5. Their sense of what’s important to the community

6. Their scientific analysis

7. Their tough-on-crime policy

8. Their essential advice for living


9. Their classified advertisements


10. Their sense of life’s priorities

11. Their no-holds-barred crime reporting


12. Their up-close viewpoint

13. Their fair-minded approach


14. Their investigative reporting

15. Their eye for detail

16. Their democratic sensibility

17. Their comprehensive coverage

18. Their personality-filled pages

19. Their provision of space for alternative voices

20. Their tough stance on terrorism

21. Their coverage of the stories that matter

22. Their eye for a powerful human narrative

Central Somerset Gazette

23. And their grasp of anatomy.

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