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15 defining characteristics of a local Irish nightclub

<3 local the club.

LOCAL NIGHTCLUBS ARE only there so you don’t have to go to town. They all seem to be the same, but sure what choice have you?

1. The floor is constantly sticky

Local nightclubs do not entertain the idea of a mop. Little is known of the substances creating the adhesive, and for this, we are all better off.

stock-footage-legs-of-many-dancing-men-and-women-in-some-nightclub-with-different-colors-blinking Shutterstock Shutterstock

2. It has had about 19 different names, and is constantly relaunching

The name almost always sounds like it was picked off the Periodic table or ripped off an old Apprentice team.

Fusion, Zinc, Eclipse, Pure, Genesis, Kinetic, Magna, Velocity… Team or nightclub?


3. It can be found beside an actual pub or part of a hotel

It’s a party in the back, business in the front.

Exterior Glenroyalhotelkildare Glenroyalhotelkildare

4. Being a culchie is almost encouraged

You’re not allowed wear runners in a city nightclub, but go to your local and you get freebies in exchange.

10672327_765045616885900_8279175982677537880_n Genesis Genesis

5. The bar is always placed at the worst corner, and is impossible to get to

11001832_787779271271845_8421924776095089724_n palacenightclubtullamore palacenightclubtullamore

6. Shots taste suspiciously like syrup, and are served in little plastic shot glasses

1511679_655433937847069_2074878206_n genesis.athlone genesis.athlone

7. The local laptop DJ has been playing the same set since forever

Don’t Stop Believin is on? We have an hour left.

Dance Party waitscm waitscm

8. The only superstar DJs that play are always just tributes


9. Is that vodka, or water?

Jerkoff vodka kalleboo kalleboo

10. The mixers are mank and always from a spray. A SINGLE SPRAY

Bar_Gun_In_Holder Sodabarsystem Sodabarsystem

11. All the furniture is circular

Sorry is this chair free? * Rolls across the dancefloor*

drum_black ProGlobal ProGlobal

12. Look out for sort of dry ice fixture on the dancefloor

CHA_3056-1024x685 Chauvetdjblog Chauvetdjblog

A list of times dry ice has enhanced any dancefloor:


13. The lighting always leaves a lot to be desired

206354_10150178227349161_281450589160_6583158_2360405_n-1319729499 ClubinDublin ClubinDublin

It’s like they were designed using these:

il_fullxfull.257054428 Etsy Etsy

14. There’s always a door deal

284035_368052353275174_1595182067_n Blazers Blazers

15. And security who seem to think they’re guarding the Aras


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