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This receipt from a hotel bar in London puts Temple Bar's prices to shame

And you thought €19.90 was bad.

LAST WEEK THIS receipt from Temple Bar caused quite a stir when it appeared on Twitter:

€19.90 for two pints and two packets of crisps? Outrageous! Or is it?

Property expert Edward Heaton headed to London’s Wellesley Hotel in Knightsbridge recently for a meeting. He ordered three 500ml bottles of San Pellegrino sparkling water.

This was the bill:

The three bottles of water cost £5.50 each, with another £8.33 service charge added. But the hotel then charged a further ‘minimum spend’ fee of £25 per person for using their cigar terraces after 4pm, bringing the bill to a total of £75.

Heaton told the Huffington Post “For £75, we probably could have had a nice glass of wine each or maybe even a bottle of champagne. But three bottles of water? I wasn’t angry. I was just totally bemused.”

He paid the bill to avoid making a scene in front of his client, but contacted the hotel later to complain about the fact that the minimum spend was never brought to his attention. This was their response:

Heaton, along with the rest of Twitter, was not entirely satisfied:

The hotel has now responded again with some more explanatory tweets:

Heaton still maintains he was never told about the minimum spend, however.

Oh, the drama…

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