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That guy whose lonely holiday went viral got to do it all again with his wife and baby

We’re so happy for him.

REMEMBER THIS GUY? He won a free holiday but couldn’t bring his family with him. His brilliantly sad photos went super viral

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But last week, he won the exact same holiday again – only this time he brought along his wife and adorable baby with him. He’s much happier now

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Because scuba diving in Puerto Rico is no fun alone

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But it is when you get to bring your wife along with you

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Kevin Blanford, speaking to Buzzfeed, said that the hotel and Puerto Rican tourism advertising agency spotted the original images

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And decided they wanted to bring him back – so they arranged it for all three of them

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Which means that his original viral images are now just a thing of the past

viral7 Source: Imgur

Replaced by brilliant family shots of himself, Bonnie and their adorable eight month old baby

viral8 Source: Imgur

We love everything about this.

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