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14 ways to tell you're in a long term relationship

The hazy crazy honeymoon period is over guys, and this is so much better.
May 31st 2013, 1:00 PM 50,587 41

THE EARLY DAYS of a relationship are like a rollercoaster.

You’re deliriously happy when you’re with them, but when you’re apart you’re in the depths of despair.

If they don’t text you back, you’re sure they’ve gone off you, but a kiss is like a tropical storm of love surrounding your heart.

After a while though, things change.

Here are fourteen ways to tell you’re in a long term relationship.

You only get dressed in proper clothes if you’re leaving the house

Why would you, like?  Who are you trying to impress?


You have ‘jobs’

Whether it’s the bins, or the dishwasher, you know your role.

You can’t really remember what flirting is like or how it works

Can't see the image?  Try re-loading the page. Via Imgur

You sometimes go days without feeling their tongue in your mouth

Gone are the days when every kiss involved the swapping of saliva.

You gleefully announce the arrival of a juicy squeezable spot or blackhead to each other

One of you is probably into squeezing them as well.

(If this isn't your thing just ignore us and forget this ever happened.)

You have developed a specific way of speaking to each other

It's not for public consumption, but when you're at home you really go for it.


You're not afraid to spend an evening in busting out your best dance moves for each other

That 'embarrassing' dance you would never have done in front of them is now that 'hilarious' dance you break out when they need cheering up.

This is how a significant portion of your time together is spent


All of your texts are entirely functional

No more of this:


Instead, it's this:

Same for phone calls

There are certain TV shows you're not allowed to watch on your own

It would be a betrayal.


Your approach to certain aspects of grooming and hair removal is relaxed

Could you be arsed?

You kind of sort of look forward to them going away for a weekend

You get the place all to yourself!  You can do whatever you want!

Yeah, you'll miss them, but they'll be back!

It's easy

You don't have to stress about it anymore.  You're comfortable, happy, and probably think you're best couple in the world.


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