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14 of the most Longford things that have ever happened

Never change.

1. The time this letter was successfully delivered in the town

Simply addressed to:

Mr Sean Hussey (Singer)

With this helpful note attached:

Don’t know full address only that he sings like Neil Diamond just heard him on Shannonside today. Jan 9th.

Success, Longford style.

2. When this deal was on the go

free boulder 2 Source: Adverts.ie

Ah yes, free boulder to take in Longford town.

3. The time this “hamper” was on sale in a Longford filling station

bucky Source: @PeterKGeoghegan

4. And the bucky had pride of place in this shop too

5. That time a French town that named a street after Ballinamuck


6. The local business that won itself fame nationwide

7. When Bisto the Longford dog went viral for being class at football


8. When these signs gave conflicting messages

9. When this Longford Town player had the craic on Twitter

longfordtown Source: Twitter

10. When a Longford man in the US used hurling to teach his students maths

Source: Neil Casey/YouTube


11. When this number plate spoke the truth

12. When you couldn’t drive down the road without running into two lads transporting sheep

13. When the best name for a barbershop was invented

So Longford.

14. And finally, that time there was a hairy local situation for the Longford Gardaí to deal with

longfordtown2 Source: Longford Leader


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