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squeaky bed

These neighbours had the best reaction to a young lad next door having loud sex


APARTMENT LIVING COMES with its own unique set of downfalls.

And, let’s face it, the worst of them is the thin walls that make loud sex an awkward affair for those next door listening.

So when this guy’s friend’s little brother got this letter slipped under the door, he knew what it was about

neighbours Imgur Imgur

But the neighbour who sent it was OK with his squeaky bed, as long as he did something about it:

Hello neighbors!
It’s cool and all that you’re getting laid and stuff, but the bed squeaking is getting really annoying. I’m not asking you to stop. I ain’t no douche, I’m just asking you to find a way to make the bed a little quieter.
Tighten up the screws or tie that bitch down. Have sex on the floor or on the couch.

They basically want the love to continue – but their room mate is on the verge of sending in an official noise complaint.

Sound of them to give a heads up.

The package also contained a load of condoms for no other reason than to be sound

neighbours2 Imgur Imgur

The only problem now is that next time he sees them in the hall, he’s going to know they could hear everything this whole time.

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