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9 reasons why Louis CK is the greatest thing in comedy

His latest comedy special is set to drop today on his website.

LOUIS CK IS fairly unique in the world of comedy. He does stand up, of course, but he also directs, stars in, produces and edits his very own TV show as well as being involved in many other projects.

Oh, and he’s hilarious.

He’s releasing his own comedy special on his website today – his last one in 2011 was downloaded over 220,000 times and made him over $1 million.

So here are 9 reasons he’s so damn popular:

1. He is insanely good at his job

922f12cd66dffe2c3e71a56cd6022f294e8ba707223cdf47f45a1af66f08e385 Source: Quickmeme

And that job is making us laugh. Consistently.

2. His TV show is delightfully surreal

tumblr_mi2oay4NvW1rv5605o1_500 Source: Tumblr

His show Louie is a series of unconnected plots interspersed with his own stand up. Again, very funny.

3. He puts his comedy specials up on his own website

Louis CK Show - Louis Source: wwwesb

For a fee of $5, you can download today’s Louis CK Live at the Comedy Store on his website. Cutting out the middle man and giving you direct laughs has started a trend of other comedians doing likewise.

4. When he made $1 million from his online special back in 2011, he gave a large chunk of it away to charity.

tumblr_lx59b5dRoI1qzw45h Source: Tumblr

5. He cancelled a gig recently in New York, and did it in style

07LOUIS-CK-SPAN-superJumbo Source: Claytonmooney

This is his email to fans:

Dear friend,
Hi. It’s Louis CK here to make sure everyone knows that my show tomorrow at Madison Square Garden has been canceled. All ticket holders will automatically get a refund. I am really sorry about this and I am surprised to learn as I write this that there is only one L in the word canceled. I’ll have to take my phone’s word for it. But it doesn’t look right to me.
In any case, there seems to be a massive storm approaching New York City. They are calling this storm “historic” which…. Well I didn’t know you could call a thing historic if it hasn’t happened yet. But I’m not one to defy future historic events. And I have to be respectful of the responsibility I have to the 15,000 people who are holding tickets to the show and could be stranded somewhere historically trying to get to or from my show. I think it’s clearly better that I alter history in the name of safety and cancel.
Besides, if you’ve ever tried to get your deposit back when you rent a banquet hall for a wedding that gets snowed out, you don’t want to even know what the deposit is on Madison Square Jesus Christing Garden is.So. No show. I will be on Letterman tonight, though. So you can yell boo right at my stupid and very handsome face on your tv screen or on your paper towel or your watch or whatever you view Letterman on.
Also I will be contacting you very soon about my new standup special which will be historically available only on my website louisck.net very soon.I really want to thank everyone who came to the shows at MSG. It was an incredible experience. The audiences were great. And the crew at MSG is classy and professional.Okay. That’s it. I have to do some laundry now.Take care of yourself and don’t be a jerk to people.Louis CK.

Due to the snowstorm in New York, Louis couldn’t commit to one of his shows at Madison Square Garden. The only solace for fans was this hilarious email sitting in their inbox.

6. He’s not afraid to tackle the big issues in his stand up routines

funny-pictures-fucking-standup-auto-Louis-CK-356545 Source: Joyreactor

7. He pops up in some pretty big movies

Like American Hustle.


And, eh, Role Models.

fhd008RMD_Louis_C_K__003 Source: Hotflick

8. He has a unique attitude to life

Louis-CK Source: Mshcdn

9. Comic anger is all part of the charm

tumblr_lnxsy5EqtG1qzyufx Source: Tumblr

We love you, Louis.

We’ll give you a heads up when the comedy special drops online.

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