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Everyone fell in love with this adorably awkward lad on First Dates last night


LAST NIGHT, CHANNEL 4′s First Dates returned in all its glory.

Over the course of an hour, we were treated to bad chat-up lines, general discomfort and some good old-fashioned awkwardness.

But viewers fell in love with one man in particular.


hugh grant Source: Channel 4

The linguist (and Hugh Grant lookalike) was described as not being fluent in the language of love and we soon saw why.

When I meet someone I like, that’s where I go wrong. It becomes crippling and you’re unable to even initiate a conversation with someone because you feel you’re not good enough.


While on a date with Adela, he dropped a series of clangers. When she announced that she was from Manchester, he replied, “I fell asleep on the train once and woke up in Manchester.”

And the conversation immediately died.

Later, while struggling to make conversation, he then dropped the biggest clanger of all.

politics Source: Channel 4

It was… painful.

As the date went on, the pair started talking about travelling and it soon emerged that neither of them had ever been to Paris.

And Louis got his hopes up!

I should have brought my passport. We could have gone tonight!

louis Source: Channel 4

But unfortunately, things didn’t pan out as Louis hoped as Adela decided that they were probably better off as friends.

And you can pinpoint the exact moment his heart broke.


louis Source: Channel 4

He may not have gotten a second date, but he did capture the hearts of everyone watching.

(And yes, there were millions of Hugh Grant comparisons.)

In fact, the response was so lovely that it seemed to overwhelm Louis.


Oh, and the good news?

Louis is getting a second shot at love and will return to the restaurant for another date next week.

We’ll be keeping our fingers and toes crossed for him.

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