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‘No hard feelings’ from Ronnie O’Sullivan following Mark Allen altercation
The world champion became embroiled in a bizarre verbal spat with the Northern Irishman.
'O'Neill called me a tosser a few times... then he ended up just hanging up the phone'
Ireland defender Matt Doherty has opened up about a call he received from Martin O’Neill.
Ukrainian star Svitolina stumped by relationship question on court after Australian Open win
‘We are here for tennis, so that’s why it was a bit strange. I didn’t really expect to be asked that.’
Hillary Clinton and James Comey are coming to Dublin on Friday week (separately)
Don’t expect them to be meeting up for a pint or anything though.
Shawn Mendes had a rather awkward encounter with The Queen, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
He was on the Ellen show recounting the sorry tale.
Foo Fighters invited an 8-year-old on stage to play the drums and it was all going great until he refused to leave
It got pretty awkward.
ASOS handled printing 17,000 shopping bags with a typo in a pretty unique way
However, there might be cause for concern.
Katy Perry gave a teenage American Idol contestant his first kiss and it was pretty inappropriate
The young man has since spoken out about how it made him feel uncomfortable.
A look at 7 of the most awkward celebrity interviews in recent history
We generally watch between our fingers.
A Garda was caught writing out a drink-driving summons with a Guinness pen on TV last night
Only in Ireland …
YouTuber Zoella has been criticised over her €55 advent calendar containing glitter and biscuit cutters
Would you pay that for a box?
16 nightmarish everyday situations guaranteed to leave you in a cold sweat
A couple clashed over Brexit on Channel 4's First Dates and it was delightfully awkward
Opposites attract.
9 of the most incredibly awkward celebrity interviews
From Courtney Love faceplanting off of a stool to Naomi Campbell being questioned about blood diamonds.
Ivanka Trump defends father at women's summit, gets laughed at
Donald Trump doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to empowering women.
This woman was paired with her ex on Channel 4's First Dates and then rejected him
This is good telly right here.
'You're an idiot' - Masters contender McGirt recalls Tiger exchange
A disagreement with the superstar changed his approach, with the American now in contention at Augusta.
19 things you'll understand if you're awkward as hell at the gym
That’s one set of push-ups done! *sits on mat doing nothing for ten mins*
Firm apologises as April fool joke annoys Philipp Lahm
“This thing has nothing to do with fun. In our eyes, it is a cheap trick to use a celebrity for advertising,” the player’s advisor told Bild.
Everyone was watching through their fingers as a lad's card was declined on First Dates Ireland
Britain owes the EU nearly €2 billion after ignoring a Chinese scam
The scheme also cost other EU countries — such as France, Germany, Spain and Italy — €3.2 billion.
After pie-gate fallout, Sutton forced into playing right-back in goal
The goalkeeper resigned following a well-documented betting stunt earlier this week.
Lena Dunham managed to totally fluster a presenter by simply saying the word 'penis'
“I wasn’t brought up talking like that!”
People are cringing over this couple awkwardly splitting the bill on First Dates Ireland last night
She’s not an ATM, Kari!
This video of two newsreaders arguing about wearing the same colour is delicously awkward
“It is an issue, Julie.”
This girl sent a hilariously nonsensical e-mail to her teacher after getting her wisdom teeth out
Painkillers will do that to you, kids.
19 distressingly awkward situations every Irish person will relate to
Death is preferable to all these things.
This guy arrived home to the soundest note from his neighbour about loud sex
“Thank you so much and again this is awkward, but had to ask.”
A snippet of Taylor Swift's response to Kim Kardashian has turned into a gas meme
“I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative”
Will Enda be putting a timeframe on his departure today?
Don’t bet on it. The Taoiseach is set to address his parliamentary party after a week dominated by gaffes and strange decisions.
EU leaders are looking for a quick divorce from David Cameron
The summit will be a chance for the Taoiseach to underline Ireland’s specific interests and concerns.
Embarrassing medal snub for Joey Barton as Burnley celebrate Premier League promotion
“No medal? What’s going on?”
Ted Cruz elbowing his wife in the face is the most awkward Vine you'll see today
Facepalm. No wait, faceelbow.
20 awkward moments every Irish gal will relate to
Totes awks.
Joan Burton will decide her fate as Labour leader after a government is formed
Meanwhile, Alan Kelly apologised for comments he made about power being a drug that suited him.
'What did you say about political prisoners?' Castro fields questions at Obama press conference
A joint-appearance by the leaders of both states didn’t always go smoothly.
The OECD apologises for St Patrick's Day tweet about alcohol abuse
Two bars are opening on George's Street... with almost the same name
Great minds think alike, we guess?
Snapchat employee sent personal details to scammer they thought was their boss
The company said that no user information was revealed because of the incident.
This Dad accidentally sent his daughter a Snapchat meant for her Mam, and it was mortifying