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love me or hate em

A definitive ranking of the minor characters in Love/Hate

Who’s gonna be number one?

IT’S ALL TEAM Fran this, team Nidge that. What about the little guys?

Here we rank them in order of how.

For purposes of this article, minor characters are those who aren’t part of the ‘gang’ or appear often Siobhan, Rosie.

12. Stumpy

This guy was the worst, just the WORST. With no redeeming qualities at all, it was like he was merely there to make Darren look good. Well, it worked.

Love/Hate: Living With Stumpy

11. Wayne

Cat killer cat killer! Wayne is a bit of a yoke, but there’s something about his willingness to do anything, for anyone, once the cash was right. Who needs loyalty, anyway?


10. Tracey Moynihan

All she cares about is painting her walls and taking a holiday. UM, your husband has bigger fish to fry, like taking down a massive drugs empire? Basically, she’s a head-wrecker that Moynihan doesn’t need right now.

Get it together Tracey.


9. Andrew Reddin, aka The Dentist

When he started causing trouble in the brothel, the dentist got in way over his head and it slowly became harder and harder to feel sorry for him. And his wife, with all those notions? Leave.


8. Hughie Power

He’s played by a Gleeson which is a major pro, but ‘too stupid to live’ and an overall mess. Hughie didn’t stand a chance and while he was largely unsavoury, we felt a tinge of sadness when he accidentally shot himself in the head.

20121229223605!Hughie RTÉ RTÉ

7. Pottsie

Aido’s locked-up brother who gave a literal eye for a metaphorical eye. OK OK, he tried to take out Fran, but he ranks so high because not a soul in Ireland didn’t feel a tinge of sympathy pain when that screwdriver was jammed right into his socket.


6. Mary Treacy

Darren’s ever-suffering sister. Poor Mary was the only one who could keep Darren on track, but even she couldn’t reel him in in the end.

0003c69a1-2vqp2blalajkaqmgz1eups RTÉ RTÉ

5. Debbie

Debbie, a drug-addicted prostitute,  ranks high thanks to her crafty dildo-in-the-suitcase method when smuggling drugs into the country for the gang. Frankly, her death and subsequent slip-out-of-the-story was a travesty.

Love/Hate - Series 4 RTÉ RTÉ

4. Gavin the copper

What happened to him? He seemed like the soundest garda yet. He was probably taken off drugs and put on water charge protests.

lovehate-17-630x420 RTÉ RTÉ

3. Nadine

The durty bitch. Nadine is always up for the craic, once her kids don’t go getting in the way. Despite cheating on Aido she proper loves him. We mean, she even peed in a cup for Aido so he could pass his drug test. It’s just a pity she was pregnant.


2. The cat

Gunned down before its time, the cat appeared on The Late Late show after it caused more outrage than any amount of human deaths.

It appears in number two on this list in an ode to its lost potential.


Think of all the joy it could have given us.

1. Warren

Warrden is a hero. Whether he’s cleaning up while making his communion, getting his head shaved to avoid nits, or drawing giraffes that look REAL–Warren is by far our favourite minor character.


Who did we leave out? Let us know in the comments…

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