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9 of the most cutting reactions to last night's Love Island

It’s baaaaaack.


THE RETURN OF ITV 2′s Love Island last night was met with a weary sigh by some TV viewers and hysterical excitement by others.

So, some might remember the show from its mid 00s peak as Celebrity Love Island. The basic premise is that 12 people live on a tropical island and everyone watches to see if romance will blossom between any of them – and it is almost guaranteed to provide its fair share of cringe moments.

Last night’s return started with a bang, anyway:

1. Zayn Malik’s ex featured, but nobody picked her as their date

lauren Source: Twitter

People recognised Lauren Richardson straight away as the girl at the centre of a One Direction themed scandal – where she was pictured holding hands with Zayn Malik days before he quit the band and fans lost it:

2. But part of the show requires the contestants to pick each other for a date, and nobody stepped forward for her

3. These twins annoyed pretty much everyone by saying they were the best looking twins on the planet

twins Source: Twitter

4. In fact, the lads weren’t getting much love at all

loveisland Source: Twitter

5. Although some people weren’t happy that a few of the contestants were familiar faces

It’s a long merry-go-round of Z-list reality stars on this circuit.

6. With future predictions of their career paths quick to come

l0oveisland Source: Twitter

7. The contestants weren’t getting much love, but presenter Caroline Flack certainly was

8. Comparisons to famously bad films were inevitable

9. But even though it’s the worst thing ever, everyone will keep watching

This was always going to happen. Enjoy.

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