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13 gas tweets that will speak to anyone who is obsessed with Love Island

How will we cope when it’s over?


UNLESS YOU’VE BEEN in hibernation, you’re likely aware that the world is completely and utterly transfixed with Love Island at the moment.

Let’s just say you have Love Island fever and you have no intention of going to the doctor.

Your daily schedule now looks like this.

Work, eat, watch Love Island, sleep, repeat.

Admit it: part of the reason you watch Love Island is so you don’t feel left out of all the fun.

You fully endorse this decision.

Love Island beats Radiohead every time.

Tweet by @Meg™ Source: Meg™/Twitter

liam Source: The Sun

You were irate when you realised there was no Love Island on Saturday.

What the hell am I supposed to do now? Socialise?

Tweet by @Anna Shaffer Source: Anna Shaffer/Twitter

Staying in is bad enough. Staying in without a new episode of Love Island to watch is pure misery.

source Source: Giphy

If it’s not an emergency or about Love Island, you will not reply to any texts.

Your Whatsapp is basically just devoted to Love Island slagging at this stage.

“79 unread messages.”

And they all read like this…


It’s even affecting your most used emojis tally.

It’s just snakes for day.

images Source: iemoji

There’s nothing you’d love more than settling into the pub with a glass of wine to watch Love Island and shout epithets at the telly.

Tweet by @chloe Source: chloe/Twitter

DCJZDzwXYAISC2l Source: cal/Twitter

In fact, you’re determined to make it happen some day.

“Flick on over to 3e there, will you?”

It’s so iconic that you’re convinced it’s going to be on the curriculum at some point.

gallery-1498662542-love-island-sr3-tx24-10 Source: ITV


source (1) Source: Giphy

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