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Connolly Station has a new sign and it's been cheering up commuters

It’s all the work of art collective Soul Burger.

IF YOU’VE PASSED through Connolly Station recently, you may have been met with this uplifting sign.

11780586_882854501782252_499228598_n Source: Christina Reihill

The message, is simply to LOVE.

But what’s the deal? Is it graffiti, or have Connolly Station gone all sentimental in naming a new platform?

Neither. It’s all the work of the organisation Wall Walks, a positive mental health initiative from art house SoulBurger. The group habitually install uplifting art in public areas, and began taking suggestions back in May as to which word they would display in the busy city station. Love won out, with Humanity a close runner up.

Artist and poet Christina Reihill, developed a partnership with Irish Rail to inspire a new positive attitude to mental health, which such words appearing all over Dublin’s rail service.

It’s certainly working.

Pearse Street commuters are greeted with ‘hello’, while Malahide, Howth Central and Landsdown play host to words such as ‘truth’, ‘create’, and ‘truth’.

10704173_325714584300486_9002713733628141648_n Source: Facebook, Wall Walks

11218221_880567665344269_201989257917492671_n Source: Wall Walks

Founder Reihill says:

Death, loss, grief, addiction and suicide touch all our lives. We all face walls in our lives at one time or another whether its with a cancer diagnosis, the loss of a child, parent, job or dream so the thinking behind WallWalks is to share our experience and offer a way of getting through, not isolate those suffering.

She goes on to explain that each word and phrase is a link to the conversation, and commuters will soon be able to win a present from the group’s supporters by photobombing the sites.

Irish Rail tell DailyEdge.ie that the partnership is just part of a number of large mental health initiative in an area which unfortunately many may consider taking their lives.

10151828_379979875540623_8124513101381272595_n Source: Wall Walks

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