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This Irish girl just raised an important question about the new Lucozade Sport bottles


Cover Photos - Lucozade Sport Ireland | Facebook Source: Facebook/Lucozade Sport Ireland

EVERYONE KNOWS that Lucozade Sport bottles can double as excellent water guns when needed. Who else remembers the “FACT!” ad campaign, where poor Michael Owen was showered with Lucozade Sport by an over-zealous coach?

So that’s why Irish girl Katie Yore was devastated by the discovery she made after trying and failing to spray her boyfriend with the drink:

To my horror, I realised that the x-shaped slit in the flexible plastic opening had been removed and instead, in place of it, this shower head wannabe.

Katie Yore - Photos/Videos of Lucozade Sport Ireland | Facebook Source: Facebook/Lucozade Sport Ireland

Eh, what? How can we spray sticky orange mess over our unsuspecting friends now?

“This has been the biggest disappointment of my year, along with the fact Freddos are readily approaching the outrageous price of 40c,” Yore wrote on the Lucozade Ireland Facebook page. “Things need to change.”

Yore’s complaint has gotten over 12,000 likes since it was posted last week, and has been shared hundreds of times. Evidently people are quite upset by this change – so what does Lucozade have to say for itself?


The new design appears to have been implemented in late 2014, if this post on the Lucozade Sport Facebook page is anything to go by.

A representative of the sports drink responded to Katie on Friday night, explaining the decision to change the bottle cap:

…The new cap allows you to get just the right amount of liquid from the bottle and is easier to drink without having to pause. It is designed to work better during sport.

They “don’t recommend” that Yore soak her boyfriend with the drink (it’s “designed and intended for sports hydration”, pfft) but they did offer an alternative method.

We understand your need to resort to extreme measures to keep your boyfriend in check… If you can send us a private message with your details we would be more than happy to send you on our hi-tech hydration device…which has also been known from time to time to double up as a weapon of mass soakage when needed.

Lucozade Sport Ireland's Photos - Lucozade Sport Ireland | Facebook Source: Facebook/Lucozade Sport Ireland

Well played, Lucozade. Well played.

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