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Someone at Made.com is having the worst morning of all time

They accidentally declared Scotland independent :|

ARE YOU HAVING a bad morning? Have you had bad mornings in the past?

Well, you probably aren’t having as bad a morning as the person at Made.com who accidentally sent this email declaring Scotland independent.

*presses send*

They offered a selection of “blue, Saltire-inspired products” as “a little patriotic inspiration for the newly independent country”. Also, a discount for anyone who entered the promotional code “AUCHAYE”.

Someone in the Made.com office is just staring down at their desk with their head in their hands right now.

The company later sent a correction on a Union Jack background:

They wrote:

We accidentally hit send on an email we’d prepared in case of a ‘YES’ vote for Scottish independence.Scotland, it’s great to have you back!

And offered the same discount with the code “GREATBRITAIN”.

Anyone who has ever accidentally pressed send… thank everything you’ve ever worshipped that this wasn’t you.

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