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Madonna shifted Snow White and basically ruined everyone's childhood

Please Madonna. Spare us.


Madge is entering the fourth decade of her music career, and she’s still as controversial as ever. The singer is currently promoting her latest album Rebel Heart, so it made perfect sense to post a photo to Instagram showing a cartoon version of herself wearing the face off Disney character Snow White.

B_nf5T2WIAAaVfa Source: Madonna

Pointing out the obvious here but…

The illustration is by artist Saint Hoax and is meant to be a take on Madge’s controversial kiss with Britney Spears during the MTV Video Music Awards in 2003. She shared the picture on International Women’s Day yesterday with the caption ‘Girl Power! #RebelHeart’.

While a few pointed out that the underlying message is that Snow White doesn’t need a man to save her, others complained on Instagram that it was a certified childhood ruiner.

How is this girl power when you’ve just corrupted a little child’s fairy tale?
You just ruined my childhood.
Would this have got so many likes if it was a man of the same age kissing Peter Pan? Doubt it!
Disney is turning over in his grave right now.

Others were just upset that she doesn’t really seem that into it…

Saint Hoax has also illustrated Madge kissing Ariel and Jasmine, for some reason.

Madonna has previously upset the Twittersphere by using photoshopped photos of Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela to previously promote the album.

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