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Madonna's attempt at stand-up is the most mortifying thing you'll see today

Shield your eyes.

REMEMBER WHEN MADONNA fell at the Brit Awards and you thought, “Well, that surely is the most embarrassing thing that can happen to a person”?

You were incorrect.

Last night, the singer appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to have a bit of a chat and big up her new album.

During the interview, she described herself as a “closet comedian” and revealed that she one day hoped to try her hand at stand-up. Jimmy Fallon then asked if she wanted to give it a go and what ensued was a comedy set that can only be watched through your fingers.

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

She opened her set with a slightly uncomfortable joke poking fun at her penchant for dating younger men.

I looked at my son and without thinking I said, ‘Do you have any friends you could introduce me to?’

In the background, you can see Jimmy Fallon dying of embarrassment.


I was dating this 26-year-old and, you know, he was in my house looking at all my artwork. I have some Warhols hanging on the wall.

Okay, interesting set-up.

So he’s looking around and he’s like, ‘Who are these paintings?’ I said, ‘That’s Warhol, duh.’ And he goes, ‘You have so many of them, did you know the guy?’

And that’s it.

giphy (14) Source: awesomelyluvvie

Several comedians empathised with her plight, though.

And it did endear her to some people.

Just don’t make us watch it again.

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