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Here's how to make your very own Lego Oscar


FORGET GOLD OSCARS, the only statues everyone wanted to hold last night were these cool Lego ones.

During the performance of Everything is Awesome, Oprah got her very own Lego Oscar.


YOU get a Lego Oscar

B-f8JyaIUAAPyl0 Nathan Sawaya Nathan Sawaya

YOU get a Lego Oscar

B-f8JzpIAAAjShQ Nathan Sawa Nathan Sawa

YOU ALL get a Lego Oscar! The little yellow man made his way around the afterparties, if these shots are anything to go by

The artist who made them–the Brick Artist, to be specific–is Nathan Sawaya. He has written a book called The Art of the Brick and even travels with an exhibition that was in Dublin last summer.

B-f15fUCUAAKu6U Nathan Sawa Nathan Sawa

So, how did he do it? Take a look at this video. You might have to slow it down to get the gist, but basically, glue it all together.

brickartist / YouTube

Best get to work.

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