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19 things that will make you smile instantly

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1. This grandpa

Source: Imgur

2. This delighted young elephant playing with a piece of fabric

Source: Imgur

3. This kid, right after he misses an easy one


4. The level of dedication in this guy’s Dad joke

Source: Imgur

5. This dog who destroys things and then pretends they don’t exist

Source: Imgur

6. This

Source: Vine

7. This Facebook interaction

Source: Imgur

8. This Irish dad’s genius explanation

9. This gesture by paramedics during a cold winter

Source: Imgur

10. The best possible Halloween costume for a three-legged dog

Source: Imgur

11. The world’s smoothest goat

Source: Imgur

12. The unimprovable perfection of this tweet

13. Quincy

Source: Imgur

14. This satisfied-looking dog being taken through airport security on his own personal trolley

15. This top-level soccer match being interrupted because two puppies were literally overwhelmed with happiness and ran out onto the pitch

Source: Howard Wolowitz/YouTube

16. The expression on this kid’s face

Source: Imgur

17. This important man’s car-friendly hat

Source: @Glenn_Kitson

18. This dog running through long grass


19. And this cat.

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