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Elderly man caught with €200,000 cash taped to his genitals

The cash was discovered during a routine pat-down.

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AN ELDERLY MAN stopped in a routine customs check on the German border was found to have almost €200,000 taped to his genitalia.

The man, who crossed into Germany from Luxembourg last week with his wife, was stopped on the road close to the border station at Koblenz.

When customs officers patted them down, they found €8,000 in the woman’s clothes.

The surprised officials then unearthed almost €200,000 in four wads of cash, all taped securely to the man’s genitals.

Three wads of cash contained €50,000 each and a slightly smaller one had €44,900.

There is a long tradition of people attempting to smuggle contraband across borders in or around their nether regions. Last July, a woman caught crossing into the US had to have a sizeable package of methamphetamine – around 1lb – surgically removed from her vagina.

A 1992 story in the Independent reports one case in which a package “the dimensions of a decent-sized marrow” that was carried into the UK in the genitals of a female smuggler.

The couple crossing from Luxembourg were asked whether they were carrying more than €10,000 in cash and answered ‘No’, The Local reports.

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